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Sreedharan Nair

A Post-Graduate in Social Science, Mr. Sreedharan Nair is a Development Professional with long years of experience in implementing and evaluating a no. of development projects in India. He worked both in Private Sector industries as well as NGO sector. With long years of experience, he has been able to carve out a name for himself in development sectors such as health, poverty, education, women empowerment, Micro financing, and development management.

He is a trainer in development practices, NGO management, and personality development.

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Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan is from the IIMA batch of 2002, and have been working as a Marketing Manager in IBM (Mumbai), Ericsson (London), USAID (Washington DC), etc.She was also the Head of Marketing, looking after communications, strategy, budgeting and PR at SunTec, a financial services billing company based in Trivandrum. She has been a freelance consultant based in London for the past 3 years. She also has a publishing diploma from the London School of Publishing, where she studied sub-editing and layout work. She also write several blogs, including an online news magazine at (beta).


Shobhaa Iyer

Shobhaa Iyer is a free lance Copy Editor having 12+ years experience as Procurement Incharge & Event Coordinator in an International NGO, CARE, and 2+ years experience as Document Specialist in the International Training & Education Centre for Health.

Prior to volunteering to copy edit the Malayali Wings Shobhaa had been doing short time assignments with various NGOs in Administration & Event coordination.

Shobhaa and her husband, Kumar, have two daughters. Her interests include cooking, gardening and reading books. She always looks forwards to opportunities which enable her to contribute towards good causes in whatever way she can.


V.N. Gopalakrishnan

V.N. Gopalakrishnan is a Mumbai-based Freelance Journalist and Social activist. He started his journalistic career as Sub-editor with Free Press Journal and has over 40 years of experience in journalism, PR and management. He worked with SASMIRA, Indian Merchants’ Chamber and Telegulf Directory Publications, Bahrain. He retired from Priyadarshni Academy as Chief Executive Officer. Currently, he is engaged in writing articles in selected journals in India and abroad. He also contributes articles in e-journals and web portals.

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The driving force behind MFG is an aggregation of the best minds from all walks of life. They are the  crème de la crème in their profession and spare their invaluable time for the cause of Malayalees from around the globe. 






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