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Jobs in Dubai For Indians?

Online recruitment firm Jobs in Dubai has been sold to an India-based investor for $9 million

 The firm, which claims to be one of the largest online recruiting portals in the Middle East, announced Tuesday that the deal was inked on June 7. The company is now moving to finalize the sale of the eight-year-old company that claims to have the largest database in GCC and UAE of both job seekers and companies. Nofel Izz, Jobs in Dubai CEO, told Gulf News in an earlier interview that the aim of the sale was to find a larger entity that could take the success of the company to a larger audience. Izz said he wanted to sell "to someone who would be able to understand the principles of the company and will be able to take it to a heightened success". Jobs in Dubai was founded by Izz who first incorporated in 2002 and three years later opened offices in Dubai.